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How to Apply / Renew Your Cleaning Business License?

There are licenses and permits that organisations must obtain before they start a cleaning business and begin operating. A Cleaning Business License is required even when subcontracting work to an outside company that holds its own license. The Environmental Public Health Act of 1987 states businesses operating without a license face risk of fines and imprisonment. In this article, we’ll go through how to apply for or renew your cleaning business license so that commercial contracts can begin, and productivity can remain high.

License Cleaning Business License Facts

Depending on the scope of work, businesses will be under a subsector, either Office and Commercial, Food and Beverage, or Conservancy - which refers to businesses that offer cleaning services for public areas. Companies that provide home cleaning services, swimming pool cleaning, or exterior/facade cleanings are not required to obtain a cleaning business license.

Why Must You Apply for Your Cleaning Business Permit?

Businesses operating without a valid Cleaning Business License and service buyers who work with unlicensed businesses face fines of up to $10,000.00 or 12 months imprisonment or both. These fines increase by $1000.00 each day they continue. Companies that do not adhere to the conditions of the license face a fine of $5,000.00 and are vulnerable to getting their license revoked.

What Are the Documents Required to Apply for Your Cleaning Business License?

Applications are accepted based on the required documents listed below:

A) Registration Documents

  • Companies, partnerships, and limited liability partnerships are required to register with the Accounting or Corporate Regulatory Authority. Associations or Societies must register with the Registry of Societies.

B) Past Work Records or Proof of Attendance for Training

  • To renew your cleaning business permit, you need to provide records for ongoing contracted work or at least one completed project within the last year. Companies cannot provide proof of past work and can submit the documents for first-time applicants, which are listed below.

    For new applicants, at least one employee will need to provide proof of one of the following options:
    1. Practical work experience records that show two or more years in supervising cleaning.
    2. Proof of attendance of two courses under the Environmental Services Workforce Skills Qualifications.
    3. Proof of attendance for two courses on Technical Skills and Competencies under the Skills Framework for Environmental Services.

C) Proof Of Employee Training

  • Every employee working as a cleaner within the company is required to complete courses. The National Environmental Agency has a list of acceptable courses. Businesses can also reach out to companies like us who provide the courses.

D) Proof Of Fair Wages

  • Cleaning businesses must include a progressive wage plan in their application, categorising wages for each employment position. Businesses should create a Progressive Wage Structure that shows how employees can increase their rate by meeting requirements and expanding their skillset.

What is the Application and Renewal Process?

Businesses can apply for their Cleaning Business License through the GoBusiness Licensing website. Businesses that comply with requirements should receive their license within 30 days of submitting their application, but processing times vary. Around a month later, the cleaning business will receive a downloadable e-license through CorpPass.

The license fee is $130.00 to be paid once the application is approved. The Cleaning Businesses License remains valid for 12 months before they have to submit an application for renewal. Companies should not wait to renew their Cleaning Business License. Businesses can apply up to three months before their current license expires, which helps maintain workflow and productivity while avoiding fines.

How We Can Help You?

Reach out to us today to get your Cleaning Business License approved!  Allow us to help you train employees so that you can confidently apply for your Cleaning Business License. We offer courses that train employees ensuring they meet training standards.

Need help with the application? Get in touch with us and our experienced Consultants will explain.

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