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Apply for Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation

How to Apply for Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation?

In July 2010, The National Environment Agency launched an Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation Scheme or EAS. The EAS helps to distinguish cleaning businesses operating with high standards and efficient practices. Through the Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation, companies can get recognised for going above and beyond for customer satisfaction and employee growth. These companies provide their employees with exceptional training and progressive wage structures. They also implement initiatives that boost productivity and introduce innovations in equipment.

Why Businesses Should Adhere to The Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners?

Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation is based on the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners guidelines. The Tripartite guidelines were created by three sectors- the National Trades Union, the Ministry of Manpower, and the Singapore National Employers Federations. The framework offers a roadmap for employees to gain new skills and advance their position, which leads to enhanced productivity for the company. When businesses reach these benchmarks, they receive accreditation and experience lasting success within the ever-changing market. The Singapore government uses the EAS to encourage businesses to improve their overall strategy and operations, leading to a better quality of work and more loyal customers, which in turn leads to better business. In this article, we’ll offer ways for Cleaning Contractors to foster and develop new skills within their workforce and meet the National Environment Agency through the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners requirements.

What Businesses Need to Receive Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation?

Businesses are assessed on their practices and professionalism, their ability to uphold the standards of environmental health and cleanliness, their strategy of operations from planning to delivery, and the quality of training and working conditions. Below are ways to ensure that your cleaning business adheres to the guidelines.

1. Productivity Practices

  • Cleaning businesses must maintain a company culture that prides itself on constant advancement. Businesses can and should appoint a Productivity Manager whose sole purpose is to improve work processes and introduce advantageous initiatives. A Productivity Manager looks for new ways to expand the skill set of each employee thus improving company efficiency.

2. Beneficial Employment Terms

  • Criteria for the Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation Scheme include a wage progression structure that helps cleaners advance in their skills through training and see more opportunities within their position.

What The Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation Offers Businesses?

The EAS benefits both the employer and employee as businesses gain more opportunities for higher-value EAS public cleaning contracts due to their professional reputation and standing in the market. The general public and servicer buyers believe businesses that adhere to EAS and Tripartite guidelines are trustworthy and reliable partners. These businesses are known to be dedicated to efficiency, maintaining high optimal service and cleaning standards.

What are the Criteria For EAS Accredited Application Process?

The Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation focuses on businesses that offer cleaning services for office and commercial buildings, food and beverage establishments, and conservancy or public areas. Under the Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation, businesses may win the Clean Mark Silver or Clean Mark Gold Your Cleaning. Each of these lasts one calendar year, after which companies can apply for a renewal. The Application Form for Cleaning Business Licence and For Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation Scheme includes additional details for criteria as well as the required documents. You then submit your application to, or send it by mail.

How we can help you?

The more comprehensive the training, the better the workforce and therefore the better the business will do financially. Cleaning businesses that look to us for a Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses benefit from insights on ways to improve and maintain productivity and enhance their deliverable services. We specialise in training on Environmental Services. Reach out to us today and see your cleaning business reach new heights backed by the Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation.

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