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Enhanced Training Requirements For Cleaning Business License

How to Apply / Renew Your Cleaning Business License?

When Cleaners and Supervisors are provided with the necessary training and resources, they can complete tasks efficiently and effectively while adhering to workplace health & safety regulations. The Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners (TCC) has introduced recommendations called Enhanced Training Requirements (ETR), which are designed to increase the technical skill set of Cleaners and Supervisors to boost productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability. The TCC recommends cleaning businesses meet the ETR by 31 December 2022, regarding it as an essential aspect of long-term success. Training for cleaning business license is required for all employees working for three months or longer. Cleaners and Supervisors must complete one Workplace Safety & Health module and one Core module following their Progressive Wage Model (PWM) Job Title, endorsed by the TCC. Companies that do not adhere to National Environmental Agency (NEA) requirements risk fines of $5,000.00, revocation of license, and imprisonment. However, meeting the recommendation and requirements doesn’t just mitigate risks, it presents an opportunity.

How Upskilling Employees Leads to Company-Wide Success

Through the PWM, cleaning companies can empower the Environmental Services workforce to expand their skill set, benefiting the company's overall profitability and ability to meet changing industry standards. Some of the training introduces autonomous equipment, which increases capabilities and decreases service times. It can also assist companies with job redesign so they can find the best way to utilise employees and align talents with roles and responsibilities.

Finding a Training Partner to Meet ETR

The NEA-TCC has a list of courses that meet their standards. We provide the relevant workshops, which adhere to NEA & TCC requirements. Reach out to us today for more information on the training!

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