Baked Cheesecake
Baked Cheesecake

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Pandan Chiffon Cake
Pandan Chiffon Cake

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Emulsified Swiss Roll
Emulsified Swiss Roll

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Baked Cheesecake
Baked Cheesecake

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24 hours of classroom learning and practical

You will learn to:

Apply the knowledge and skills in making basic cakes:

  • Baked Cheesecake

  • Pandan Chiffon Cake

  • Vanilla Cupcakes

  • Strawberry Shortcake

  • Emulsified Swiss Roll



  • Comply with food hygiene regulations when making basic cakes.​
  • Assemble utensils, tools and appliances for making basic cakes.​
  • Select and prepare ingredients to make basic cakes.​
  • Follow the instructions stated in recipes closely to make basic cakes.​
  • Test the doneness, depan, assemble, and decorate basic cakes.​
  • Reinstate workstation in accordance with food hygiene regulations.​
  • Describe methods to communicate with co-workers and supervisor to achieve organisational objectives. ​
  • Describe behaviours that demonstrate trust, respect, support, integrity, and ethics at the workplace. ​
  • Develop the ability to self-reflect and improve on own competencies through constructive feedbacks and peer learning on food & beverage trends.


  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Oral questioning
  • Practical

You will receive a WSQ Statement of Attainment upon successful completion of this module and its assessment.


  • 21 years and above.
  • Speak, listen and read English at Workplace Literacy Level 3, and manipulate numbers at Workplace Numeracy Level 3.
  • PSLE / PSPE or equivalent.
  • Minimum of three months of work experience in the food services industry or with the interest to venture into pastry and baking arts.


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1. Applicable for absentee payroll.

2. Inclusive of 7% GST ($42.00); tabulated based on full fee.

3. Above net fee is only valid till 31 Dec 2021.

4. For courses in 2022, please email for updated 2022 course fees.