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Get your skills and knowledge that you have gained through your work experience certified today through Assessment-Only-Pathway.

  • AOP - Customer Management (Level 1)

  • AOP - WSH Practices Implementation (Level 1)

  • AOP - Food Shop Hygiene Maintenance (Level 1)

  • AOP - Horizontal Surface Maintenance (Level 1)

  • AOP - Public Hygiene Maintenance (Residential, Level 1)

  • AOP - Washroom Maintenance (Level 1)

  • AOP - Vertical Surface Maintenance (Level 1)

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Look forward to a rewarding and enriching career and skills upgrading opportunities that contribute to promoting environmental sustainability in Singapore.

Pastry & Baking


Specialise in the creation and production of baked goods to meet the evolving needs of local consumers and capture a share of the food and beverage market.


Jamie Ng – the co-founder of WORK WORK, grew increasingly concerned when her mother, a General Cleaner, struggled to complete the mandatory training for General Cleaners. As she searched for more appropriate alternatives, she learned that many General Cleaners are illiterate, non-English speakers and most learning materials are wordy, dull and boring.


On her mother’s 55th birthday, Jamie and Zave founded WORK WORK – a Workforce Skills Qualifications Approved Training Organisation. Relying on her experience in early childhood and training & adult education, she created a unique design of curricula through a balance of illustration and keywords for the General Cleaners.

With the rise of home-based entrepreneurship, WORK WORK introduced pastry & baking and floristry workshops. These foundational workshops prepare big dreamers and creators for their entrepreneurial journey.


WORK WORK believes that “happy learners learn better”, which will eventually result in the participants applying the skills they have learned to their career, securing fruitful employment.