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Waste Collection Management (Level 2)



16 hours

(2 days)

Full Fee (with GST)



English (with Chinese reference)

NEA-TCWM Recommendation


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About the Course

At the end of the course, you will be able to operate hook-lift mounted trucks and equipment to collect and transport waste during waste collection.

What You'll Learn

  • Use appropriate PPE to perform waste collection and disposal.

  • Perform waste collection in accordance with regulatory requirements and organisational procedures for general waste and/or recyclable waste.

  • Perform waste collection ensuring self and other road users’ safety.

  • Ensure hook-lift mechanisms are in good working condition prior to deployment.

  • Ensure waste collected are secured in their containment containers and there is no visible damage on the containers.

  • Operate, inspect and maintain automated mechanical equipment and devices on hook-lift mounted trucks.

  • Dispose general and/or recyclable waste in accordance with regulatory requirements and organisational procedures.

  • Replenish consumables in preparation for next waste collection trip.

Assessment / Certificate:

  • Multiple-choice questions

  • Practicum

  • Oral questioning

You will receive a Statement of Attainment from SSG upon attainment of a minimum of 75% training attendance and pass the associated assessments.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Speak, listen and read English at a proficiency level not lower than Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 3, and manipulate numbers at a level not lower than Workplace Numeracy (WPN) Level 3.

  • Never attended school; pre-primary / kindergarten education; primary education without PSLE / PSPE certification or equivalent.

  • A minimum of two months of work experience in the waste management industry as Driver (Class A & B GWCs, Waste Collection), Senior Driver (Class A & B GWCs, Waste Collection), Captain (Class A & B GWCs, Waste Collection) or with the interest to be employed in the industry.

Who Should Attend

Waste collection:

  • Driver (Class A & B GWCs) 

  • Senior Driver (Class A & B GWCs)

  • Captain (Class A & B GWCs)

Fee Details

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